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Are you ready for the fourth and final event of #IMAwebinars2021? We have reached the final appointment of this difficult year full of challenges, but also of great opportunities. With these premises, in the next seminar we decided to focus on a decidedly complex sector: denim and composite materials. What better challenge to show that, […]

On 9 and 10 October the first edition of the TECNO CONF 2021 event took place in Naples at the headquarters of our dealer TAG srls and CUCITECN srls who in full synergy invited all their customers and not only for a demonstration on the machinery of manufacturing companies represented. From well-known brands such as […]

Are you ready for the third # IMAwebinars2021 event? At this event we have placed the lingerie and beachwear manufacturers at the center of attention, a sector that has been expanding since many years and that in this last year of the pandemic has accelerated the trend. On the one hand, the decline in formal […]

Here we are! The new #IMApills are coming soon… In September, after the summer closure, IMA will be ready to deal with many interesting themes regarding the cutting room and concentrated in its precious #technicalpills. #makethedifference, follow us on our social channels! FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM YOUTUBE #IMApills #technicalpills #makethedifference#iamima #beyonddistances #yoursatisfactionourgoal #alwaysahead

In pandemic time the home becomes the main place to feel safe. The impossibility of meeting freely has forced us to live locked up and for this reason the house is rediscovered and becomes the main asset in which to invest to ensure that it is ever more welcoming and comfortable. Hence the strong push […]

IMA invites you on March 26th at 10:00 a.m and at 5:00 p.m to participate in the first webinar of the # IMAwebinars2021 cycle dedicated to Fashion Woman sector. Let’s open this review with the sector dedicated to the women, we love so much, and which represents a large market share, both in Italy and […]

The IMA Webinars 2021, conceived and dedicated to our customers and collaborators, but also to anyone interested in IMA technological solutions for the Cutting Room, are almost at the start. The online meetings will focus on the main sectors of Textile and Clothing Industry and beyond and will aim to present the IMA spa proposal […]

YOUR PRESENCE, OUR GOAL!  Thank you so much for being connected!  The first IMA digital event is over.  Thank you for making this appointment a memorable event.  Thanks for the warm and large participation.  Thanks for your feedback and for your compliments.  Thanks to the IMA Team made up of great Professionals but above all […]

A new way of being together and sharing important moments, using modern technology to push the boundaries of current surroundings, transforming the concept of an event into a new experience.  New solutions to rethink behaviours, overcome distances by creating and circulating ideas, emotions and values that are able to unite a history and a group.  […]

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