Over thirty-five years experience in knitwear allowed IMA to bring even those customers who treat difficult fabrics, because the more hard and heavy, such as denim, which have different features than the fabrics used by clothing manufacturers and need therefore a type of machines dedicated and suitable for that kind of fabric and in particular with a high technological standard and especially mechanical. For this reason, to maintain the high level of quality, IMA started the development of reliable machinery with high performances, meeting the needs of such customers.

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IMA is the Italian company that has worked alongside the italian fashion industry and great name of the “Made in Italy” and beyond, since more than thirty-five years. As a leading technical innovator and expert partner always accompanies its customers to grow, from small companies to complex industrial centers, helping to reach high quality standards and improving efficiency, productivity and flexibility with the optimization of fabric consumption. This optimal solution is the “Syncro Cutting Room” by IMA.

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The evolution of technical fabrics used for the realization of accessories such as suitcases, bags, shoes, belts and over, have brought IMA to treat this type of fabrics with innovative solutions in terms of spreading and cutting to facilitate the precision, both for small and large quantities, always required in this area to maintain a high quality standard.

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IMA has always been used to follow the major challenges and for sure the one launched by the world of “Lingerie”, in collaboration with one of the leading brands and manufacturers of underwear, is the last significant goal that IMA has set and realized with great pride. The technical features of the fabrics utilized (softness and lightness, elasticity, shrinkage, weight) make this area a minefield in terms of quality. It was necessary to study and develop a completely new machine, equipped with accessories and tools that allow a perfect spreading in according to the type of fabric and responding adequately to the demand of the operators to achieve high quality standards which mean in this particular case also perfect fit. IMA once again provides cues and dedicated solutions

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Important international brands in the DENIM sector have chosen our solutions.
IMA develop high performing machinery, meeting the needs of such brands.

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