Syncro Cutting Room

Not only equipment, but sophisticated integrated systems for the complete management in Cutting Room. Syncro Cutting Room is the latest project, very ambitious, in which IMA is committed. It is a web-based application, that can be used by any device that is connected to Internet (personal computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.), through which it is possible to have full control of your Cutting Room.

Syncro Cutting Room allows you to monitor in real time the status of your Cutting Room from anywhere in the world. The information are sent and processed through the latest generation of cloud infrastructure to ensure data security. The System analyzes the progress of the production and promptly intervenes in case of problems or particular events defined by the customer.

We can imagine the Syncro Cutting Room Syncro Cutting Room as a large container, present on a cloud server, that stores all production data and status of IMA machines, both of a single or multiple production line. Afterwards an artificial intelligence takes care to filter, to analyze and to execute the process that allows to better understand the functioning of IMA line as a whole.

IMA machinery are managed by digital controller which allow to all elements of the line to constantly comunicate with each other. This technology also enables to draw on individual machine data, to extrapolate and compare them with the aim of optimizing the work flow.

Do you need help? Just a touch. Press the button “Assistance request” directly from the monitoring screen. The system will send immediately to IMA the necessary informations to guarantee high quality assistance and optimized response times.

Thanks to the innovative infrastructure, you can choose to allow IMA to access to some non-sensitive informations of your Cutting Room. IMA will monitor the vital information of your plant and will notify you quickly in case of possible improvements/upgrades. Thanks to IMA monitoring you can be alerted before a problem becomes too serious.

Through the cloud you can store important data in a safe place. Even with distracted operators your informations are protected by cancellations. Furthermore, thanks to the use of the latest security standards, you’re the only one with access to your data. Take advantage of the power of cloud computing to make complex analysis starting from the rendered data.

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