A full suite of programs

MAXIMA is one of the most complete software available today on the market, dedicated to design department of Clothing Industry: from patters design, to size grading, to arrive at fabric consumption optimization.
It combines traditional and computer tools, allowing you to create many more models in less time.
It eliminates more laborious and repetitive operations, thus increasing productivity, accuracy and final quality product.

The software is modular and includes the upgrading of optional functions such as automatic marker for both single and server license or the parameterization program to make simulations of editing to the various pieces that make up a basic pattern, with the aim to create a made-to-measure model.

Direct Importers allow the management of proprietary files of the most popular CAD (Lectra, Gerber, Optitex, Audaces, …) both in import and export as well as all other standard formats:
– ASTM D6673
– ISO (for automatic cutting)
– HPGL (for plotter or cutter).

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