Typhoon 922.70/100
Advanced mechanics and software for maximum productivity

IMA Typhoon 922.70/100 is the evolution of the Typhoon 920.70/100 model and is the most performing and productive solution of the Vortex 2 series, particularly suitable for large productions of knitwear, elasticised, light, but also rigid and varied materials. It combines excellent cutting quality with high thicknesses, working with layers up to 70/100 mm compressed.  Unlike the Typhoon 920 model, it is managed by the new AMI control software which governs the cutting machine, increasing its efficiency and productivity.

AMI manages the acquisition of cutting files, their modification (a package is available with the main CAD functions such as move copy edit etc) and the execution of the cut. AMI allows real-time modification of the file being processed, adapting not only the cutting parameters but also the types of processing or the choice of patterns to be processed. The possibility of memorizing an unlimited number of machining profiles to be recalled when necessary is available.

This model, too, with kinematics on racks which increases the overall acceleration of each movement.

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